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You want to make a difference in the world. You are driven by your values and a call from beyond yourself. You know there are no shortcuts to transformation. You are tired of “church growth” prescriptions from "experts" who have all the answers --- except when it comes to racism, cisheterosexism, and a host of other -isms. You see the end of Christendom, and you are full of questions: How can you be effective, authentic, and faithful as the church transitions? What does it take to hold steady in the tumult? You long to be reminded that God has gifted and called you for exactly this moment. 


I'm an ordained United Methodist elder with ten years of full-time experience pastoring local churches --- and the therapy bills to prove it. I’ve served three churches in rural and urban contexts. I’ve led each church through difficult decisions, including merger. I co-founded the Good Friday Collaborative, which supports people who are leading their churches through big transitions, like merging, closing, relocating, or restarting. 

I coach people who are making changes in their lives and in their communities. I have experience leading adaptive change while addressing the intersections of gender, age, race, sexuality, mental illness, class, size, ability, and culture. I’ve learned to focus on process > product. I am grounded in asset-based community development, family systems theory, emotionally healthy spirituality, and social justice movements. I've been interviewed on rethinking mission through shared leadership and high trust relationships across lines of difference. My strengths-based approach always starts with what's strong rather than what's wrong. 

I'm becoming certified as a coach through the International Coaching Federation. You can read my curriculum vitae here. I'm a board member for Young Clergy Women International. I’ve been published in Holy Contradictions (Abingdon, 2018), We Pray With Her (Abingdon, 2018), Speaking Truth (Abingdon, 2020), and Fidelia Magazine (Young Clergy Women International). 

I am a clergy mama and married to an ordained deacon. We currently live in Cambridge, England. 


As your clergy coach, I'll co-labor with you. You bring yourself, your topic, and your goals. I'll bring questions and not advice. I can help you claim your gifts, align your life with your values, and take the next right step. I will believe in you, explore possibilities with you, cheerlead for you, and offer accountability as needed.

We'll figure out together how God wants to transform you, your community, and the world. You will develop your gifts as you achieve your goals. We will connect your individual transformation with the changes you long to see in your community. Your investment in yourself can have a ripple effect on your changing community. 

Many of my clients are seminarians, nonprofit leaders, or congregational ministers -- but not all of them! I love coaching people from a variety of backgrounds and vocationsI am client-centered, which means that you decide the focus of each coaching conversation. 

Coaching topics you might want to dive into include: healthy relationships; queer identity; unpacking family history; surviving abuse; ADHD and neurodiversity; mental illness; anti-racism; body image; leaving purity culture; deconstructing faith; and vocational transitions. If desired, we can unpack these topics through theological reflection and genograms of your family system. 

You are the expert in your own life, and I will support your autonomy and self-determination. I'm not here to tell you what to do. You have the answers within you, and I'm here to help you listen to your own inner voice. There’s more than one way to be faithful --- so how is God calling you?

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Questions? Want to create custom coaching packages for teams and groups? Contact me. 


Book a free introductory session to learn what coaching is all about.


The standard rate for an individual session is $100 or £70.

10% discount given to members of Young Clergy Women International. 


When cost is a barrier, invest the equivalent of your hourly wage.

If you are unemployed or a student, this could be free!


Achieve your long-term goals. 

In three months, invest in five regular coaching sessions and get a free sixth session. 

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